Agricultural Pest Control

Twilight Pest Control provides flexible and bespoke pest control contracts for the agricultural community. We have a number of farms on our books and have years of experience controlling pests on farms.

Agricultural Pest Control

Twilight Pest Control will ensure that your farm, barns, silos, or other facilities are protected from infestations.  

Pest Control on farms

Rodents on farms can be a massive issue, and affect your business, revenue, staff, buildings and machinery. They have the ability to disease and contaminate product, which could result in costly product rejections or loss of business through the failure of audits. Our contracts are tailored to your needs and you can be assured that we can fully comply with all farm assurance schemes such as Red Tractor. Twilight Pest Control will ensure that your barns, silos, farms, or other food facilities are protected from infestations. We use a variety of control methods including the use of poison, traps and shooting in order to keep your farm rodent free. As well as control measures, we can also help securely pest-proof all areas to prevent and solve any pest problems onsite.   Contact us today to arrange a quote and to discuss your pest problems.    

Suffering from other agricultural pests?

Do you have a problem with Rabbits or moles on or around your land? Twilight Pest Control are experts in Mole, Rabbit and Fox amongst many other rural pests. We can also help control a variety of agricultural insect pests such as Red Mite, Litter Beetle, Grain Weevil and Flies. Find out more about all the pests we can treat.

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