Biting Insects – Bed Bugs, Fleas & Mites

Bedbugs, Fleas, Mites and other biting insects can be highly irritating and distressing. Twilight Pest Control are experts in insect control and can solve any biting insect infestation you may have.

Biting Insects - Bed Bugs, Fleas & Mites

Twilight Pest Control provides very effective and affordable insect control treatments for a variety of biting insects including Bed Bugs, Fleas and Mites to name a few.  

Why you need to control insects like Bed Bugs, Fleas and Mites?

Bedbugs, Fleas and Mites and small insects that will bite humans and pets to feed on blood, and because of this they can be the cause of painful and distressful bites. Therefore for general comfort and health reasons it is advisable you get rid of any biting insects like Bed bugs and Fleas as soon as you become aware of them.  

Bed Bug Control

Mainly active at during the night, Bed bugs hide in cracks and gaps around the bed, mattress and furniture, coming out at night to feed on humans. For most, Bed bug bites will cause red, irritating bite marks, or for some even severe skin reactions. If left untreated they can affect your health and wellbeing, and dramatically disturb sleep. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to control, even for professional pest control companies. We would advise you don’t tackle them on your own as retail products and poor practices can lead to the spread of the insects, and a build up of insecticidal resistance. Twilight Pest Control have a wealth of experience with Bed Bugs treatments. Our process is to provide a 3 visit spray treatment over an 8-10 week period, after which your Bed Bugs will be gone.    


Normally associated with pets such as cats and dogs, fleas can be irritating and extremely distressing for us. Like Bed bugs, Fleas need a blood meal and will take this from humans of pets, usually causing irritating bites (usually on your ankles). Fleas can be difficult to control and if they aren’t dealt with effectively and professionally they can survive and spread at alarming rates, so it’s essential you use a professional pest control company like Twilight to solve your flea problems.    


There are 000’s of species of mites in the UK. However many of the Mites that bite us and irritated us in our homes can usually be associated to birds nests or soiled stored food produce. Twilight Pest Control can normally solve your Mite problem within one professional and affordable spray treatment. If you’re suffering with Bed Bugs, Fleas or Mites in your home, then please contact Twilight Pest Control today to solve your biting insect problem.

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