Bumble Bees re-homed

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Our first bumble bee job of the year was in a local shed. Luckily for these Bees, they were inside a dust sheet hiding away in an unused shed, and could easily be taken away and re-located by the professional hands of Cliff. Twilight Pest Control customer and Bee enthusiast Stephanie Walker commented; “I was so pleased to have called Twilight Pest Control, who was able to swiftly and safely relocate the bees.” Cliff Perrott, Twilight Pest Control Owner and Operator added; “Pest control isn’t all about killing things. We love nature and will always do what we can to save and protect any animal.” Cliff added; “Some other companies may be quick to treat and kill, but you can be assured at Twilight Pest Control we will always take our time and try to do the right thing.”

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